Well, not exactly!! There's so much to consider.
Upholding your personal and family religious and moral values.
The risks of pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted disease.
Saving sex for that one special person in marriage.
Focusing on your education and future career.
Being a positive role model...not everyone is having sex.
Saving yourself from emotional baggage-fear, regret, depression, anger or betrayal
Not disappointing your parents.
Guarding your reputation.
Having the best sex with no fear or concerns on your honeymoon.
Being an example for your future children.
If you have been sexually active, it's never too late to start over!
You're worth the wait!
It's just SEX, right?

Data confirms what earlier research has revealed -that relationships are more important than sex to teens. It also confirms that for most teens, sex is more than a recreational activity. It has a relational context and matters of the heart rise to the top of emotional needs and priorities.

- CDC (2016) United States, High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 2015. Atlanta: Author. Retrieved June 2016 ASCEND

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