I've been sexually active...now what?


God loves you and it's never too late to start over!
We call it "Secondary Virginity".  You can't change the past; you can't change what has happened in your body; BUT, you CAN change what you do from this point on. Think beyond the moment and think about your future and your future mate and family. They will thank you for waiting.

If you made the choice to become sexually active you can start over and take control of your life. Make changes in relationships, in where you go, what music you listen to, what videos or movies you watch, and instead, focus on what will increase more positive outcomes in your life, like your education, job-readiness, safe and healthy fun, service to others.

If it was not your choice to engage in sexual activity, the first time, and you were raped or molested, THAT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT! Please remember that you are priceless and you have worth and value. You do not have to "let it all hang out" and begin to have a lot of partners. That
will increase your chances of becoming pregnant, possibly contracting a sexually transmitted disease, or, add to any emotional pain.

If you need help...

  1. talk with a parent or trusted relative.

  2. visit your doctor so that you can receive testing for STDs.

  3. seek out a Christian pregnancy center.

  4. never act in a desperate frame of mind.

  5. pray to the Heavenly Father, seeking His forgiveness and strength.

  6. receive God's mercy and grace as you make changes in your life.

  7. read the scriptures for comfort and guidance.

   Yep, God talks about sex in the Bible...He made it!!

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