STANDARD PRESENTATION SCHOOL : For teens 13-17 and adult audiences

TRACC Truth-Redemption-Abstinence-Choice-Consequences: For college students single adults

BUILDING BLOCKS: For Elementary School audiences (no sexual content)

TEEN PREGNANCY: For teens 13-17

GUARDING YOUR HONOR: For youth 10-13

Prime focus is always placed on the personal value and worth of each individual. Making decisions that are life-enhancing, exploring consequences and the need for accountability for one’s actions and choices are also discussed according to age level. Emphasis is also placed on the optimal physical, emotional, social, relational, financial and spiritual health benefits associated with avoiding risk. Medical slides of sexually transmitted diseases are incorporated in presentations for ages 13 and older. For Elementary students, the focus of discussion and activity is centered around making every-day wise choices. Stranger Danger Safety rules for touching provided by Kidpower, are given at the conclusion of the presentation.  For safety rules see https://www.kidpower.org/about-us/

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