Relational exclusion used to control a person:

Appears to be friendly and loving

Offers money, gifts, fun things to do and to be with

Demands total attention; isolates from family and friends

Demands sexual favors; can lead to sexual assault or sexual trafficking          "BEWARE"    

Teens     Say

"I will stop all sexual behavior that I am doing to wait until I am married".      
18 year old female

"The information that helped me the most was the pictures and the stats, and what God says about this!"
12 year old female

"I had fun, and I think that it's good that you all come out and talk to us young girls cause most of the time we need an older woman or someone to talk to us."
15 year old female

"I thought the presentation was well planned out. The presentation taught me more than what a school book or teachers or my parents have told me. It gave me a reason to tell my peers what can happen to them."
14 year old female

"This presentation has helped me become absolutely certain about abstinence." 
16 year old female.

"The STD session helped because it gave a visual aspect of what could be the consequences.

17 year old female

"Stds, and risking your child's life is what information that helped me most."

15 year old female

"Yes, I have accepted God."
13 year old male

"Wow, you opened up my mind!"
11 year old male

"It was very informative and has helped me make better choices in my life."
13 year old male

"There are different types of HPV is what helped me most."

15 year old male

"I will stop the behavior that I am now doing to wait until I'm married."

18 year old male

"I am abstinent and will remain until married".

17 year old male

"I am abstinent and will remain abstinent."

16 year old male

"Learning about the awareness of STDs ."

13 year old male

"If I become sexually active now bad things will happen physically and mentally."

15 year old male

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